Friday, May 22, 2015

Last Year's Projects

Since moving to Utah, I've done a number of projects around our apartment but I haven't taken the time to share them. Here are the ones I took pictures of. One of the very first things I did was hang up some of our engagement pictures. This was the first time they have been displayed since our reception. Yeah, it was about time!

I was so excited for spring weather that I sewed a simple paper bunting for some much needed color.

This project actually started when we were still in California. Jonathan's office chair was lacking in padding, so he ripped off the fabric from the seat and bought some foam. I decided that we should change out the fabric for the entire chair. I dragged my feet with actually getting done, but after our apartment was more or less set up I couldn't stall any longer! I got a staple gun and finally covered the chair. It looks so much better!

My laptop and tablet needed a cover. I have yards and yards of felt, so I made a cover for each of them. It couldn't have been an easier project!

I made a mini California using finishing nails and embroidery floss. On the back, I wrote the years Jonathan and I lived in California. I love it so much that I plan on making one for each of the states Jonathan has lived in! (He's lived way more places than me.)

I made my very first baby blanket for Ruby. I figured it was about time I make one since she is the 10th child I am an aunt to. FYI, it is not very easy sewing minky fabric and satin binding. They just want to slide all over the place! I figure I don't need to make another blanket until my 20th niece or nephew.

My cousin and his wife had twins in December and I decided to make a set of onesies for their baby shower. Since they were having a boy and a girl, I made a little tie for Oliver and a necklace for Nettie with matching fabric. I didn't realize just how big my sewing machine was until I was struggling to sew them on these newborn sized onesies!


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