Friday, May 8, 2015

The Adventures of California Patt and Oregon Nelson

My dad had a mild (but could have been so much worse) medical emergency at the end of April. I wasn't handling it very well, so I decided to do something similar to what we've been doing for our niece's and nephew's birthdays. My dad is Mr. Mountain Man. Back in the 90's, he had the nickname Mountain Man Bill. There was another man who had the same nickname, but no one liked him and his friends convinced my dad to choose another nickname. He followed the example of Indiana Jones and chose Kentucky Pat.

For those who don't know my dad, he served his mission in Kentucky.
For those who do know my dad, you can't forget he served his mission in Kentucky.
As I was trying to think of what we should do, I remembered all of this and it was obvious that we needed to go with an Indiana Jones theme. I am California Patt  since that is the only state I've really spent much time in. (I like spelling Patt with two ts and my dad sticks with one t.) Jonathan served his mission in both Washington state and Oregon and he chose to be Oregon Nelson. With our names picked out, we were ready to start shooting!

We took the pictures on the trail to the Y. Luckily, we didn't have to do too much hiking to find the perfect spots to get the pictures we wanted. Since this story was longer than the ones we've done previously, we broke it up into multiple videos.

Since there are so many switch backs on the trail, I thought it would be funny to have the boulder launch off the side of the mountain. To make it even funnier, we took pictures of it rolling around places in Provo that my parents remember from when they lived there.

I enjoyed making these because it enabled me to focus on making my dad laugh rather than worry about how he was doing. Honestly, he's doing great and he feels like nothing happened, but it still shook me up.

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