Sunday, August 24, 2014

A New Angel

Today, heaven got even sweeter. My already angelic grandmother is now reunited with her husband, parents, and all 3 of her brothers. When I got the first text two weeks ago saying that she was in the hospital and things weren't looking good. I was a little shocked. Even though she's 94, I just got used to her either not getting sick or the few times she did get sick she quickly recovered. Part of me has struggled with letting her go simply because she was the only Grandma I had growing up. (My Grandma Patterson died a few years before I was born and that's why I was named after her.) I know she is so happy right now. She can remember all the things she forgot from her dementia. 

I have vivid memories of my grandma having that exact same facial expression.

She was truly an angel while she was here. I am so grateful for all the wonderful memories I have with her. My dad had his office really close to where she lived and so he would drop me off to spend time with her while he worked.

After her dementia got really bad, her go to phrase was "I'll go to sleep with a big smile on my face tonight." Tonight, I'll be doing the same.

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