Thursday, August 14, 2014

Life Latey, According to My Phone

We've been doing lots of little things that don't really justify a post on their own. Here's a lot of the little things we've been doing.

After hiking in Provo, we found some horses.

Mercedes came over and made her own little bed to watch Cinderella.

We've been having a lot of summer storms and I just love it when the clouds cover the top of the mountains.

 UVU apparently has a cage for raptors! I just hope they build better fences. 

Whenever we wander around BYU, we find animals around! They have a lot ducks...

and even the occasional deer!

We got rid of our California plates, but we'll always keep a piece of California with us thanks to In-N-Out!

Other than this, life has been nice and busy. Jonathan's almost finished with his summer classes and then a new semester will be starting up all over again!

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