Sunday, August 17, 2014

Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Back in July, I decided to get my act together and bring some of my own family names to the temple. It has been such an amazing experience taking my family to the temple with me. Though, there have been a few bumps along the way.

After this picture was taken, I was looking at each one of the names we took. I realized that not all of them had been stamped. Luckily, we hadn't even left the parking lot. I rushed back into the temple and made sure that everyone had been recorded.

The following week when we went to the temple, I started feeling sick right after we got to the temple. That wasn't enough to stop me from getting the work done that we had determined to do that day.

We decided on the next week to switch up temples and we went to the Jordan River temple. We did a session and afterwards tried to pick up the name cards, but they some how got misplaced. As soon as we got home, I checked Family Search to see if their ordinances were recorded. Only one had been recorded. That got me anxious because I do feel responsible to make sure everything is done properly. The next night about an hour before the temple closes, I got a call saying they found my name cards. I dashed to the car and made my way up to Jordan (about a half hour away from where we live). I was able to get my family names and told them about one of them not being recorded. They said to wait and see if it does show up on the computer. The card was stamped luckily, but it didn't get recorded. This past Friday we went back and got it recorded. This time there were no problems. 

After taking my own family names to the temple, I understand why we are encouraged to do so. The experiences and the joy I have felt is indescribable. I am so grateful that I can share the blessings of the temple with my own family. I already love going to the temple and try to get there each week, but now I have my family pushing me to get there every week. We go on Fridays because Jonathan doesn't have school and I don't work. We used to sleep in on Fridays because we didn't have anything particularly pressing to wake up for. Since we've decided to take our family to the temple, I cannot sleep in on Fridays. I'm pretty sure that they are making sure that I wake up so I don't forget to take them to the temple. I am grateful that there have been some bumps as we've been doing this because it makes me more determined to continue taking my family to the temple.

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