Monday, December 24, 2012

A Wonderful Dream

I know I've talked about who I was named after before, my sweet grandma Patterson. She died about three years before I was born. When I was younger I had a hard time knowing that we shared the same name and having it remind me that I never even met her. It took some time, but I have learned to love my name.

Anyways, last week my dad shared that he had a dream about her. This was the first time since she died over 20 years ago. He emailed it to his siblings and dad. What he remembered most clearly was how beautiful she was. My grandpa responded to the email saying that he has seen her and agreeing that she was very beautiful.

Well, just a couple of nights ago I had the privilege of seeing my grandma's beauty for myself. I too, had a dream about my grandma. Mine was a little different because there were two of her, the older one that my siblings remember from their childhood and a beautiful, young version of her. It was wonderful! I sat down next to the younger version of her and started asking her some simple questions. Right when I had built up enough courage to ask some deeper ones, a car alarm went off! I woke up wanting to go back so I could talk to my grandma more. I wanted to know if she knew who I was. I either have a feeling or am hoping that I get to have that dream again. I feel like this dream is my early Christmas present.

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