Monday, December 17, 2012

Das Auto

Our cars have been doing quite a few stunts to get our attention for the past couple of months. Our Honda doesn't always feel like starting. Sometimes it's because Jonathan doesn't feel like turning off his lights and other times it doesn't have a real reason. I've lost track of how many times we've jump started that silly little car!

Well, our Nissan decided that we were giving too much attention to the Honda. It started out small by letting the back brake light get loose and flop around as I drive. Well, that clearly wasn't enough, so my front tire shredded on my way home from the Relief Society Christmas Dinner. That proved to be such a blessing. If I hadn't gone to the dinner, my tire would probably still be susceptible to shredding and would have happened either on my way to work or to turn in my last physics lab. I would have been stressing out and Jonathan would have been at work, completely unable to help rescue me. I am so grateful that it happened when it did.

With all of these car problems, Jonathan spent his first day off with no work or school fixing up our cars. I love that he knows so much about car maintenance and can do it all by himself.

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