Monday, July 21, 2014

Price Family Farm

One of our family's favorite parts about visiting Idaho is visiting the farm. This year's visit did not disappoint! 

Within just a few minutes, Tyler caught the first fish.

Not long after, Andy caught his fish.

We had a hayride.

After the hayride took off, Kyle's fishing pole went crazy. Luckily, Jonathan was there to grab it.

Kyle's fish got stuck in the weeds, so farmer Wayne and Jonathan got into the boat to rescue it.

By the time the hayride was over, the fish was freed from the weeds and Kyle was able to reel it in.

Kyle was so proud of his fish.

Lyla loved exploring the farm and she even found an egg in the chicken coup. Right after this picture, she dropped it.

After lunch and lots of exploring, we pulled out some guns while the little ones played inside the house.

After we finished up with the clay pigeons, we pulled out the .22 for Ryan and Tyler to take a turn.

This was Tyler's first time shooting and he did a great job as a lefty.

Ryan got to help clean up the shooting range.

It was a great day, the only thing missing was the Wadman's.

Farm days are always great days!

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