Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pioneer Day

Growing up in California, pioneer day wasn't very important. I remember only one activity as a kid. Now that we're in Utah, I'm realizing that it's still a big deal. Jonathan even has the day off!

My mom was ready to celebrate Pioneer Day in California!

Its gotten me to think about my own pioneer heritage. I feel so blessed to have ancestors that gave up on all that they had to follow the prophet to a new land that no one had ever seen. I feel strength from them as I face my own challenges and know that I am just as strong as they were.

I'm doubly blessed because along with having pioneers that crossed the plains, I have modern pioneer heritage as well! My grandma and grandpa Patterson left behind their old family traditions and took on a brand new way of life. The blessings from their decision are still flowing and helping their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren be better.

Pioneer day is for everyone. Sure we mostly talk about the pioneers that crossed the plains, but everyone has a pioneer story that is filled with the same kind of faith and perseverance that the pioneers in the 1800s had.

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