Saturday, July 12, 2014

Dad's "Medicine"

Idaho has been wonderful as usual! I'm gathering pictures and working on sharing some good stories. Here's a story until I have the Idaho posts ready.

When my grandpa was in town, we all gathered at my uncle's house for some ice cream and brownies. We didn't have just any ice cream though, but we had my dad's "medicine".

My grandma Patterson made delicious banana and strawberry ice cream when my dad was growing up. One day when he was in college, he invited some girl (not my mom) over to his house for lunch. He looked out in the ice box and sure enough there was some of his mother's ice cream along with some store bought ice cream. He took both into the house and served the girl the store bought ice cream and explained that he couldn't swallow pills and so his mom mixed his medicine into the ice cream. The girl totally bought the story and a few weeks later was at the house again and told my grandma how it was so sweet of her to make special ice cream for my dad so he can take his medicine. My grandma totally played along with the story.

I remember growing up, my dad would call various treats we had in the house his medicine. Usually no one would touch it because they were gross flavors, not because we believed his story. After trying the ice cream that started it all, I don't blame him at all for not sharing it!

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