Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Idaho in the Summer

Summer time is always fun, but spending time in Idaho makes it even better! I love how hot there is the low 90's and then the breeze kicks in and makes it even nicer. On our first day together, Jonathan had school so I picked my parents up from the airport in the morning and Jonathan followed a few hours later.

Andy's family got there the night before us and we were all ready to have some fun. First up was a water balloon fight.

Next up was baseball.

We would take breaks to watch the airplanes take off.

Then we had two on two soccer. I played on Ryan's team for awhile and then tagged in Andy.

During the soccer game, Jonathan finally made it and was greeted by two very happy nieces.

We used our fireworks on the 3rd since we were going to see an incredible firework show by the Snake River the next day.

We had a great start to our time in Idaho and it only got better!

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