Tuesday, July 18, 2017

June Happenings

Here are some highlights from June.

Jonathan's diploma is here! I need to frame it and hang it with our other diplomas.

Amy R. sent a Mother's day package with all sorts of cute gifts! In it she sent little magnetic frames. Apparently, Garrett is the only person I have small pictures of and so his school pictures are now finally framed!

Jonathan and I went up to the airport in Heber to see some cool old planes and swing dance in one of the hangers. It was a great night!

Jonathan had his first interview with a company we would love for him to work with. The night before we went to the temple to get some extra blessings for Jonathan to be able to do his best in the interview.

It did end up going really well! So, we went out to the Old Spaghetti Factory to celebrate and for him to tell me all about it.

My parents and Amy R's family came into town before our trip up to Idaho. I decided to go to work while they played the days away. It was tough, but it made the week in Idaho that much sweeter!

Jonathan and Garrett playing catch.

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