Friday, July 28, 2017

Idaho 2017 Day 1

I'm finally going through all of our pictures from our Idaho trip. We packed a lot in during those eight days and so I'm breaking it down into smaller pieces or I might never finish it! Since we knew were going to spend the week with family, we added some family history stops on our way to Idaho Falls.

We drove through Mantua, Utah. I don't blame you if you don't know where it is because it is a tiny town east of Brigham City. That's where Hans Lars Nielsen and his family first settled when they arrived in Utah from Denmark. His wife Karen died while they were there and he married Ane, Jonathan's great-great grandma. Back then, there wasn't much water and so he moved the family up to Mink Creek, Idaho. Today there is a reservoir there and it is still a little town.

We drove up to Idaho on highway 91 and through Preston to get to Mink Creek.

We ended up behind a tractor along our way to the cemetery.

To get to the dirt road to the cemetery, we had to first drive through the church parking lot. Along the sides of the road were cattle and calves grazing.

After checking the directory of the cemetery, we fairly quickly found Jonathan's great grandpa and grandma Nelson.

Oscar Frederick and Hedvig Jespersen Nelson
It took a bit longer, but we were able to find great-great grandpa and grandma Nielsen.

Hans Lars and Ane Kristine Nielsen
The cemetery is tucked away in a gorgeous little valley.

We loved taking these smaller roads because we saw new scenery and it was beautiful. That same night, Amy R. and her kids made it to Idaho Falls. We had s'mores around the fire pit.

And that was day 1.

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