Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Bullet Journal

I am grateful for my bullet journal. In preparation for getting back into school, I was looking for a way to get and stay organized. I kept seeing pins about bullet journals on Pinterest and finally I started investigating what it is.

It is a very basic system, but the best part is how adaptable it is to the individual user. I don't have much going on day to day, but I have plenty of things to keep organized. I just started using a future log to keep track of events that will be coming up. It's mostly filled with stuff about Jonathan's graduation. No surprise there!

I like the traditional calendar format to keep track of events. I also like writing a quote that inspires me in the blank space.

As you can see, my week is so busy! I've tried a few different set ups, but this one is currently my favorite.

These are examples of a few other pages to help keep me organized. I have the Utah bucket list to keep track of things we want to do or see before we move. I also have a list of all the birthday posts we've done for our nieces and nephews. I may or may not have started making plans for next year.

Another great resource for getting started with a bullet journal is Boho Berry. Kara has tons of pictures and videos about bullet journals.

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