Wednesday, December 16, 2015


This week winter decided to come back. I am realizing more than ever that I really am a California girl! The snow is beautiful, but I have no problem admiring it in the distance or spending a few hours in it.

The after work view from the parking lot.
Yesterday morning was rather icy. I was able to get out of the parking lot just fine, but when I got to the road in front our apartment the car in front of me was struggling on the ice. I decided to turn around and got stuck myself. I forced the car into submission and straightened out the car. I slowly backed up and turned around. (The way I should have done from the beginning!) I really hope the next place we live won't have icy winters, but the chances are slim since most of the country has these kinds of winters. At least I'm learning how to deal with it! (Also walking on slippery ice with a hurt back just is not a good combination!)

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