Friday, December 11, 2015

This Week

With the cold weather and finals coming up, we haven't been up to as many adventures. This week we broke the trend! On Tuesday, we went to the holiday party for my work. We ate way too much and I even won a gift card in the raffle!

On Wednesday, Jonathan got free tickets to the UVU Men's Basketball game. It was crazy! For most of the first half UVU was leading and in the second half Weber State was leading. UVU came back and tied it in the last few seconds of the half. During the first OT, UVU looked terrible until the last couple of minutes and they tied it up again. The second OT went much better for them and they won!

On Thursday, we went up to Salt Lake to see the lights. Thanks to the rain, hardly anyone was there!

After enjoying the lights, we went to the Church History Museum. We haven't visited it since the renovation. It was amazing! Our favorite part was the new video of Joseph Smith's first vision. Watch the video below and it will explain why it is so unique!

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