Friday, December 25, 2015

Our Second White Christmas

This year we had a second white Christmas. This time it was in Idaho with my brother's family. Jonathan and I decided to open our presents before going so we wouldn't have to bring them back to Utah.

 Seth and Clara were very concerned that Santa wouldn't find us, but we reassured them that he was aware of where we were. Not surprising, Jonathan and I slept in and missed out on watching the kids open their presents.

It was way too cold to go outside, so we watched Dora the Explorer and played.

Everyone loved snuggling with Ruby's new giant teddy bear.
Later, we had lunch at Annie's parents' home. They live right along the Snake River and the view from their house is just magical. (Of course I didn't take any pictures.) After lunch, we played hide and seek with the kids in their basement.

Idaho is beautiful with all the snow, but it's extra cold compared to Utah.

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