Friday, October 10, 2014

My New Favorite Book

Last month, Jonathan and I went up to Salt Lake for an evening adventure. We toured the General Conference Center and saw some amazing art work. We learned that a group of paintings was actually the illustrations to a children's book. After we finished our tour, we headed over to Deseret Book to find the book. It's called Girls Who Choose God.

I would argue that this isn't a children's book. This book shares stories about women in the Bible who chose for themselves to follow God. There were some stories that I don't remember learning, but I felt strengthened by these wonderful women.

When my mom was in town, we actually met one of the authors and the illustrator. It was such a neat experience to meet them and hear a little about why they made this book. If there is enough positive response from this book, they plan on making more. Their publisher just isn't sure that there is a market for books about women in the scriptures. I invite you to take the time to check out their Facebook page. I am so grateful for this wonderful book sharing some well known and lesser known women who willing followed God.

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  1. I love this book, also! It is a beautiful way to showcase the scripture stories for our children in ways they can understand. Thanks for the link to their Facebook page.


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