Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Eleven Years

11 years and a day ago, my very pregnant sister and brother went to the hospital. It was three weeks before her due date, so we all went on with our normal Monday schedule. My mom warned me though, that if the baby was coming she would switch pickup days with our carpool. (This is before I had a cellphone. So embarrassing!) Naturally, I had a hard time focusing on school that day. Finally, the final bell of the day rang. I dashed out of the band room to see whose car was there. It was Kim's and not my mom's. I ran with my saxophone in tow. Wondering how I was going to get the hospital. We pulled up in front of my house just in time for my dad to take me down to the hospital. I could not believe it. I was officially an aunt and only 13 years old. Ryan was so little and looked so fragile. He was under a heat lamp, so I didn't get to hold him that day.

3 years later, after my mom finished sewing my homecoming dress late in the night, we got a phone call from the same brother and sister on their way to the hospital. It was just after midnight when we got into the car. With only a few minutes to spare, my mom was there for the newest addition to our family. I was in the waiting room for less than a half hour, while another family had been there for over a day still waiting for their new baby. My sister's brother couldn't wait to see his hair because we were all hoping for another redhead. Ty did not disappoint us! He was the loudest baby when he slept. He constantly growled and squeaked the nights away.

It's crazy to think that they have been part of our lives for such a long time already. It still feels like they should be little kids. Since we weren't able to celebrate with them this year, we had our own little party last night.

We hope each of you have another wonderful year ahead!

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