Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving Tradition

My favorite part of Thanksgiving day is going shooting. I'm usually the only girl, so I get to spend some quality time with my dad and brothers. This year my oldest nephew got to come along with us. We had 4 generations of Pattersons.

Our usual place was packed with people, so we found another area which was better because it was Ry's first time.

Ry got to shoot the .22

All of the adults got to shoot my grandpa's new 1911. Back when he was in the Air Force, he traded a trailer for a 1911 that had a .22 barrel along with a .45 barrel. He wasn't too sure about the origins of the gun and so he sold it, but kept the .22 barrel for it. Last year, he got another 1911 and this was our first time shooting it.

It took Chris and Grandpa some time to figure out how to switch barrels.

My favorite gun of the day was our old bolt action .22. My great-great grandpa bought this gun from a catalog and he killed a hawk with his first shot. It is still a good shot.

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