Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thanksgiving Break

This Thanksgiving break was really relaxing and filled with family. Jonathan's family went to Utah to be with his brother's family, so we had a one family Thanksgiving. My brother's family drove in to town on Wednesday and that started all of the playing for the rest of the week.

After a morning of shooting, we had an afternoon of cooking. Thanks to my KitchenAid, we had whipped potatoes instead of mashed potatoes.

After dinner, there was a cousin sleepover.

We spent Friday morning playing outside in the warm, sunny weather.

Our neighbors joined us for some t-ball.

Ryan is such a good oldest cousin.

That night we had pizza at Andy and Amy's.

The oldest and second youngest grandkids.

While the boys played upstairs, Lyla and Clara quietly colored. I was in shock that these 2 would just sit there for so long. Girls are definitely different from boys.

On Saturday, I was boring and didn't take any pictures. In the morning, I went to the temple with all of my siblings {poor Jonathan had to work}, while my parents had all 8 of the grandkids. That night, all of us adult children went to sushi. It was the first time Jonathan and I had it and I really enjoyed and Jonathan didn't hate it!

On Sunday, we visited Grandma Machen {my mom's mom} after Church. She loved watching Clara.

I told you she loved watching Clara.
Seth preferred running around rather than talking to his great-grandma.

Grandma was glowing after Clara gave her a kiss.

We had some lunch and then went back to Andy and Amy's for our last evening together.

Seth looks like a little man.
I love Clara's eyes.

Cha-Cha will put just about anything in her mouth these days.
Seth and Jonathan had to get in one last sword fight before they left.

It was so wonderful to have so much family time with all 18 Pattersons. It's crazy how quickly these kids are growing up and developing their own, unique personalities. I'm grateful we were able to all be together.

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