Wednesday, June 1, 2011

101 Projects!

So, ever since I got married there seems to be about a million things that need to be purchased, built, changed, and done. I have always loved making and installing things myself. I must be my mother's daughter! My mom has always been doing some sort of project around the house and sometimes I even got to help. Like the time when we installed a ceiling fan in my old bedroom. First up for me were the shelves and then the bed frame.

I love how the rectangles are all different!
Thank you Ikea for the shelves and great storage boxes!
Yes, those are my scriptures and various Church books keeping the frame level.
We now feel like grown ups with our bed off the floor!

Along with building, I've been painting and even SEWING! Yes, I can sew! I have always wanted to sew, but never really got into it until lately. I've been looking at a whole bunch of crafty blogs and decided that I wanted to make a few things. Starting with bunny bunting for Easter, but of course they weren't done in time for this Easter. 

Yep, I got to hand sew all of these cute bunnies!

Nothing like Easter decorations a month after Easter!

Two bunny buntings done for next year!

Then I got really ambitious for Mother's Day and made clutches for my new sisters Hannah and Mackenzie. My mom still has to pick out the fabric for her clutch.

These were so fun to make!
 One of our wedding gifts was a clock. It was really nice, but just not my style. So, I gave it new life by painting it purple!


After! It still needs a few finishing touches, but it already looks great!
I also saw the cutest streamers ever on my favorite blog! All you do is sew two or more streamers together with the tension on really high on the sewing machine and they get all ruffly! So, I just had to make some!

This is what Jonathan came home to on the anniversary of our first date!

My latest project, was a makeup brush holder for my mom's birthday. I made one for myself first so I would be less likely to mess up on her present. This was my first project sewing project with no help at all!! I was so proud of myself!

Our brush holders!

I even got fancy on my mom's and added some top stitching!

This is just the beginning of all the wonderful things I will be making!


  1. BJ I love it all! You're so crafty! I must say I also love your idea book shelf and can't wait to get one myself. We have so many things I need to have good organized storage for. And I had to tell you that those easter bunnies totally remind me of the bunny peeps treats!


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