Monday, June 6, 2011

Our First Big Day Trip!

Jonathan and I got married in the middle of the spring semester, so we haven't been able to make any big trips together. A few weeks ago we decided the first Thursday after school was out that we would go to San Francisco! Then we had to delay it by a week because I was playing at my 9th Roseville High School graduation. Thankfully Jonathan was patient with me and this last Thursday we took off to the city!
We're ready to go!
Every time I go to the city the first thing I do is go to the wharf and get a crab sandwich from one of the street vendors. This was Jonathan's first time trying one and he loved it!

This guy was trying to be sly and eat some of our crab!

 After lunch, we walked further down the pier and saw a WWII submarine and Liberty ship. The Liberty ship is still able to sail and it is the last Liberty ship that is around that was part of the D-Day invasion. It is so COOL!
The D-Day survivor!
I was somehow able to convince Jonathan to do this!

Then we went to an old arcade and played a game of pong and I won!

We also went to the Exploratorium, but on our way we had to take a drive down Lombard! It was really fun and we saw a great view of the city.
The beautiful view!

Driving on down.

This was my first time to the Exploratorium and it was so much fun minus the one million kids there for a field trip. There were so many cool things there that I know my nephews would love!
That's Jonathan way over there and we were holding a quiet conversation thanks to Physics!

We can both fit in a chair that's 4x bigger than the average dining chair.
We took a nice little walk outside of the building and it was gorgeous! I love the beautiful details in that building.
Enjoying the sunshine.

My handsome man!
Then we went to Union Square and checked out the Apple store and my favorite fabric store Britex! Jonathan even found some great fabric for a little boy room! By this time we were both exhausted and knew that it was time to go home. Jonathan was pretty sure that he had never been on the Golden Gate Bridge before, so we drove home that way. It was a great way to end such a fun day!
We have an amazing store that happened as the day was going on. We started out our trip with a prayer that the car would function properly. Then Jonathan, being the responsible handyman he is, checked all the fluids and tires. He noticed that his oil level was a little low, so he added some. When we got to the Bay Bridge and could smell oil, but there were so many cars around that we didn't think twice about it. Then as we left the Exploratorium, the car made a funny sound, but it didn't repeat so we brushed it aside. We pulled into a parking garage in Union Square and the oil light starts flickering on the dash. Jonathan opens the hood and sees that the oil cap is not on. Apparently he had forgotten to put it back on about 120 miles ago! He's already thinking of where to buy a new cap because his mind keeps telling him it's long gone. A thought keeps coming to his head to look around the engine. Even though his mind is sure it's gone, he looks around and is able to see this little circle thing. He dug around and pulled it out. It was the oil cap, just sitting there for most of the day. Jonathan even had just enough oil left to put in the car and he made sure that he put the cap on. We were so grateful for this miracle and that Heavenly Father is taking care of us.


  1. Hey Beej! I just found your blog and loved reading about your new married adventures! You two look so happy. I'm excited to see more about the Nelsons!

  2. BJ, this is so cute! I love the pictures and stories! I just love you two! Thanks for sharing :)


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