Thursday, June 9, 2011

This Kid

I love all of my nephews. They are the funniest group of little boys ever. I am especially close to Tyler because I was really bad at sharing him with the rest of my family when he was a baby. He comes up with some of the funniest sayings and ideas. He recently went through a phase with saying I never not. Everyone thought it was so funny, except for his parents of course! Tyler also wanted to name his baby sister Toilet Captain America for a while. He has since come to his senses and is stuck on the name Sharpay {yes from High School Musical}. I got to go to his preschool a couple of months ago because he was the star of the week. He could invite his favorite person, so he invited me! I got to look at his poster all about him. The two things I remember are that he wants to be a daddy when he grows up and that if he could wish for anything he wants a hot dog to eat.

Anyways, tonight I was babysitting him and his brothers. After getting everyone into bed, I gave Tyler a cup of water and he pulled the book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory from his bed. I asked him if he wanted me to read to him and he said yes. So asked him what chapter to read and he said 6. So I climbed into bed with him and started reading. This is the part when the first 2 golden tickets are being found. We laughed at the children's names. I didn't realize that he had fallen asleep while we were reading together. It was such a sweet and wonderful experience. I love all of the fun memories we have together. I can't wait to have a kid like him.
I just can't help but love this crazy kid!

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