Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Confession Time...

I need to tell you that I am terribly addicted to a new website I found. It's pintrest. People post pictures of things they like. They have literally EVERYTHING from wedding ideas to kids stuff to party decorations to food to home organization. I see things that I want and also things that remind me of some of my family members. Here's just a few things.

These would be my sister Amy's shoes.

Soon my other sister Amy will have a little girl to do this with!

My brother Chris would have loved these growing up!

I can't help but think of my sister Mackenzie! She loves chocolate.

This is something my silly brother Thomas would say.

If my brother Taylor was a girl, this would be his purse!

My sister Hannah would throw a book party like this.

My niece Mercedes would love to eat this.

Adam and Christina are so in love!

This is my dream tree house when I grow up!

If Jonathan and I ever have a dog, it would need to be nerdy and geeky.
This is just funny!

This describes all 5 of my nephews.
As you can see, there are a lot of different things to see. No wonder why I'm addicted!


  1. I love every single one of these! ESPECIALLY the book party!!! I totally would and WILL do that sometime! haha You pegged us all! :)

  2. Pinterest is fantastic and addicting, however, I think those shoes are hideous.


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