Friday, March 17, 2017

Sister Esplin

During my shift at the temple, I buy lunch in the cafeteria. A couple of weeks ago, there were massive cinnamon rolls just begging me to buy one for my dessert.

I sat down at a table near some of the temple presidency, President and Sister Esplin and President and Sister Pinager. As I started eating the cinnamon roll, I noticed that some of them were looking my way. (I thought it was because I was struggling with cutting it.) As I got up, Sister Esplin told me that my cinnamon roll looked so delicious that she wanted to ask me for a bite of it. I did offer her what was left, but she declined. President Pinager was surprised I didn't finish it. I told him that if I did, I would need to take a nap. That wasn't going to work.

Sister Esplin

I will forever remember that one time when Sister Esplin wanted a bite of my cinnamon roll!

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