Tuesday, October 27, 2015

His Majesty, The Birthday King

Jonathan's birthday was last week. We started celebrating a few days before and the celebrating continued into the weekend. Jonathan requested a birthday pie again this year. 

I made his birthday crown the night before his actual birthday and he wore it all morning and evening long. On Saturday, we went to the UVU Women's Volleyball game. One of the players grew up in my home ward and when we were living in Roseville, Jonathan occasionally taught her in Sunday School.  

Abby was amazing! We had so much fun watching her. After the game, we went to Taylor and Kenzie's for a family party.

On Sunday, we went up to Salt Lake for a devotional for Juventud de la promesa. As you can probably guess by the title it was completely in Spanish. It was perfect! Jonathan has been wanting to do more with his Spanish and has been a little worried about how much he remembers. He only struggled keeping up with the speed of the native Spanish speakers. The highlight was having Elder D. Todd Christofferson speak in Spanish. His talk was a wonderful reminder of being consistent with doing the seemingly small things like praying and reading scriptures. He also gave advise to the youth about marriage. He said there were many wives around that love their husband and husbands that cherish and respect their wife. When he said that I looked over at Jonathan and felt a wave of gratitude to have a husband that already cherishes and respects me.

We had a lot of fun, but I doubt that the celebrating is finished!

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