Friday, October 16, 2015

Life Lately

Here are some little things that we've been up to. On one of our recent adventures, we saw a Tesla charging station with a couple of cars charging.

Every few months, we get treats from our boss with FedEx Office. I didn't know what I wanted so I asked for chocolate with caramel. Jennifer totally delivered!

Jonathan and I finally went the Family History Center in Salt Lake City. They were able to give us some direction on how to do our Family History. Next time, we'll get serious and go to the Family History Library!

Ryan and Tyler had their birthday. It was really weird getting family names ready for my nephew to take to the temple!

Stephanie Nielsen of the NieNie Dialogues, visited UVU and Jonathan saved us great seats. It was amazing! Personally, I loved watching how her husband was looking at her. The love he has for her is palpable.

We went up to Ogden for a mission reunion that ended up getting cancelled because Jonathan's mission president was in the hospital. We had dinner just down the street from the temple.

We went up to Temple Square to spend time with Chris and Annie and watched General Conference from the Tabernacle.

Nursery has been going well! We've been in it for almost a year and a half and we still love it! Another couple was called and so I finally made a schedule. I forgot to include all of the extra time for laying on the floor or running into the walls during the lesson and calming down after singing Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam...

It's hard to believe that another summer is over!

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