Tuesday, June 30, 2015

SLC Masonic Temple

Last month, Jonathan and I were able to take a tour of the Masonic Temple in Salt Lake. Neither one of us have ever been inside of one before, so it was a very interesting experience.

It was a self-guided tour, but there were many Masons throughout the various rooms. They welcomed any and all questions. They also made it very clear that they are not a religion, but do require the members to believe in a higher power whether it is God or not they don't care. Their purpose is to gain knowledge.

While they encouraged people to take pictures, Jonathan and I only took a few. We could tell that they have truth because we could feel the spirit there. We chose to honor that by not taking pictures of everything we saw.

We found this image of the Temple of Solomon in a hallway. It has descriptions various sacred parts of the ancient temple including the instructions for the construction of the temple from the scriptures.

With all of the temples we have visited since moving to Utah, it was nice to see a different organization's temple. There are definitely many similarities between LDS temples and Masonic Temples.

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