Friday, June 12, 2015

Back to Idaho

I'm still not sure how March and April past without a trip to Idaho, but it did. This trip was long overdue! The kids were extra crazy because it had been so long.

Seth and Clara thought it was so sneaky for them to hide behind the couch.
Clara's sagging because her pants are too big, but they are purple
and that's all that she cares about! Annie is resolved that she
needs to hide them until Clara grows into them.

Ruby has changed so much since February! She is getting so mobile and can go from laying down to sitting like it's no big deal.

Ruby was all over the place! She crawled up next to me and was super smilely. The next thing I know, she snuggled up next my leg snoozing away. It's exhausting being the baby.

 Before dinner, Jonathan and I took the big kids to the Army Surplus Store. I'm not sure who liked it the most, but we were really lucky that Seth and Clara are such good kids. They found all sorts of little things and I was ready for them to ask us if they could have it, but they never did. They would look at whatever it was and then put it away and move on to the next thing that caught their attention.

They went crazy over anything that was gold colored.
I love this picture even though it's blurry.
I'm sure if my dad had been with us, he would have bought these hats for them.
We ended up taking enough time that Chris and Annie were able to have a quiet beginning to their dinner.

Sunday morning Clara was looking at the pictures in the front of her scriptures. She recognized the picture of Jesus, but not the others. Jonathan and I told her about the other pictures and then we read some scriptures. Don't worry Dad, the first one I had her read (repeat) was 1 Nephi 2:15.

Sunday morning scripture study.
The kids are really patient with us in the mornings. We sleep in the bedroom in the basement and the kids are kept upstairs until we are awake and we don't wake up as early as they do! After we finally did make our way upstairs Seth immediately went downstairs. Since I forgot my earplugs, Jonathan slept on an air mattress in the playroom. For the kids, it clearly was a toy to be played on. I laid down and at least for 30 minutes the kids were laying down with me.

Seth's pretending to be asleep.
 Ruby thinks she is ready to be a big kid and eat real food. She devoured the roll that Chris gave her for lunch. During Sacrament meeting at church, Ruby was offended that Jonathan and I didn't give her any of the bread and started to whine at us. 

The best trips to Idaho include a visit to the farm. We had dinner with Annie's wonderful parents. As with all of our trips, it ended far too soon.

I am resolved to visit sooner than not so the kids won't be so crazy!

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