Friday, June 26, 2015

Memorial Day

This Memorial Day, Jonathan and I visited the cemeteries where some of our ancestors are buried. I remembered how whenever we would take flowers to my grandpa's grave, my mom would come prepared to clean off the grave marker and pick any weeds that were growing. I followed her example. I felt a little silly walking through the cemeteries with a roll of paper towels and water to clean with when most everyone else had flowers, but I was glad that I came prepared.

Our first stop was in Bountiful. We saw the markers for, Cyril Call, Anson Call, and Anson Vasco Call.

Not surprising, we ran into some very distant cousins of Jonathan's. She told us the story about how Anson Call met one of his wives. (Yes, he practiced polygamy and followed the correct process for having additional wives.) One of the handcart companies left to cross the plains a little late in the year. They ended up getting stranded in the snow before they got to Utah. Anson was on of the men that was sent to rescue them. Margaretta was so tired that she just wanted to lay down and sleep. He bundled her up and put her the back of his wagon. She was also very hungry because she ended up eating the feed for the animals. Mmm old, slightly rotten potatoes! Anson pulled her back out of the wagon and with the help of one of the other rescuers, they had her walk back and forth between the two of them so she would live.

We were also reminded that Jonathan's great-great-great-great grandpa served in the war of 1812. We will be sure to remember him on Veteran's Day from now on!

At the Salt Lake City Cemetery, we were able to find more of my ancestors. First we stopped off at James Davis' marker since I knew we could find it again. Someone already came by his marker and placed an American flag by his marker.

The next one we searched for was for William and Ellen (or Hellen) Bellamy. Thanks to the map of the cemetery, they were very easy to find! William Bellamy's marker was starting to be covered by grass, so Jonathan grabbed some tools from the car to dig out the roots and dirt.

 As I was researching, I found out that their daughter Sarah Ellen Bellamy married Joseph Machen on the ship as they were emigrating to America from England. I also found out the Ellen's maiden name is Redfern which is my great-grandpa's middle name.

It took a little bit longer, but we were also able to find John and Lurena Nebeker. We could tell that we were in the right area because there were quite a few other Nebekers around them! Now I just get to figure out how we are all related.

We also visited a few other markers before we left.

Hyrum Smith's memorial

President Heber J. Grant

President David O. McKay

President Gordon B. Hinckely

And my dad's favorite, Porter Rockwell!
Then we headed out to Magna to visit where Jonathan's great-grandma and great-aunt are buried. We were not prepared for how dusty this cemetery was, but we still did our best to clean their markers. This visit was much more emotional for Jonathan. He knew both of them and attended their funerals. 

I am so glad that we were able to take the time to visit our ancestors and to remember them.

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  1. I was looking for information about my ancestors and came across your blog. I am also a descendent of Anson Call through is son Cyril...Cyril's daughter Portia. Small world!


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