Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Small & Quick Project

Back in May I shared the photo wall in our apartment. It was so exciting to have it up on the wall that I ignored the fact that there were a few gaps in between some of the frames.

Jonathan was totally fine with the blank space, but I could not handle it. Something had to be done!
I was thinking of adding an old key or small little something that I could never quite figure out what it was. So, the wall stayed like that for two months.
Then, one day I was scrolling through pintrest and found my inspiration!!!

The description with this picture was "Fabric covered cork board".
It was like a light bulb turned on and knew exactly how to fill the extra space! Now, I didn't have any cork board lying around my apartment, but I did have an excellent substitute - styrofoam! I had a feeling that it would come in handy after assembling our shelves so I kept it. It helped out so much.

I decided to cut out a circle for the smaller hole, and doing it free hand did not work. On my second attempt, I used a roll of tape as my guide. It work perfectly! For the other hole, I decided to use the computer to make the right sized ellipse since free hand doesn't work for me.

This is the backside of the ellipse.
After using spray adhesive, you couldn't tell that it was really just styrofoam covered with fabric.

I took them home and got them up on the wall. They are the perfect fit for our photo wall. Jonathan admitted that the wall does look better with them up.

I can now sleep again knowing that the wall is complete!

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