Monday, August 27, 2012

Jonathan's Cute Little Buddy

Jonathan suddenly became best friends with Garrett. We're not exactly sure how it happened, but Garrett absolutely loves Jonathan. We realized this a few weeks ago when Jonathan was playing with Garrett and his cars. Jonathan was teasing Garrett by telling him that they were his cars and Garrett's usual reaction to someone taking his consists of screaming bloody murder and then scowling at you until he forgets that you tried to take his car. (The kid even has dreams where he says out loud "No, my car".) Well, Jonathan didn't get the normal, ear-piercing shrieks. Instead, Garrett just laughed and said, "No, my car" and he would take it back from Jonathan. This repeated a few more times. A while later as Garrett was playing with Jonathan again, he handed Jonathan a car and told him that it was his car. It was shocking! Garrett doesn't share his cars with anyone. So, now we all know that Garrett loves his Uncle Jonathan.

Jonathan holding Finn McMissile.
A funny side note, Garrett can't say Jonathan and so for a while he would just call Jonathan Buddy instead. Well, now it's evolved to BJ. Yeah, I think it's hilarious!

Jonathan's cute, little shadow.

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