Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What We've Been Up To...

So, life's been a little bit crazy lately but that happens. Before we can get out our Christmas decorations, Jonathan gets to organize all of his boxes that were stored in his parent's garage! Lucky! It's actually been fun finding some things. He found notes he took on his mission, some old gifts I gave him for Christmas, and champagne flutes we got for registering at Crate and Barrel.

This is just some of the boxes in our living room.
I also have started working on some Christmas presents! I can't wait to see everyone's reactions to their gifts!
Some of my Christmas projects!
This morning we went for our first of many jogs! It was so cold, but it felt so good! We decided to be more serious about getting fit, so last night we got Jonathan new running shoes and some better socks for me. We are going to be so fit soon!

Jonathan's new running shoes!

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