Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Idaho 2017 Day Four

Independence Day was a very long day! To start out the big kids went shooting and the little kids went to the Idaho Falls Parade.

The kids brought back a lot of candy!
I didn't think to take pictures while we were shooting, but we had a great time. Ryan and Tyler were very mature and responsible on the range.

Chris rented a bounce house/water slide for the day. After we got back from shooting and before the kids got back from the parade, my mom and I tried out the bounce house side. It was so funny hoping around like we were kids!

The kids would run and jump into the the bounce house and try to touch the far side of it. It was a lot easier for Ryan and Tyler than for Garrett and Kyle to make it.

There was also plenty of swinging!

Kyle's face first splash down.
Clara loved the slide!
Charlotte pushing Ruby on the swing.
That afternoon, the kids took a break from playing and a few of them even took naps while watching a movie.

After break time was over, it was time for the water-balloon fight. There were 600 water-balloons!

Spencer was my photography assistant or he wanted to just push all of the buttons.

I'm still not sure who had more fun, Chris or the kids.

After the water fight was over, there was more swinging and playing in the bounce house.

Spencer got a haircut from Grandma. No more baby mullet!

Spencer slowly warmed up to Jonathan and me during the trip.

Every year, Idaho Falls has the best firework show. There is a program that goes along with the show that is similar to a Disneyland firework show and they broadcast it over the radio so everyone can hear it. This year they moved it further south and so we scoped out a new spot. It was just a few blocks away from Chris's house and it worked out really well! We had red, white, and blue glow sticks to help keep the kids entertained while we waited for the show to start.

And that was day 4.

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