Friday, August 11, 2017

Idaho 2017 Day 5

After the late night watching fireworks, we had a slow start to our day. Since Jonathan was doing a lot better, we headed to the Rose Hill Cemetery in Idaho Falls to visit great-great grandpa and grandma McGavin. This cemetery is massive and so far the best one we've visited. We were lucky to enter the cemetery near their office and someone was there to help us find where to find them. She gave us instructions on where to go along with a map of the entire cemetery with their plots marked. 

After our side adventure, we joined up with the rest of the family and started on our way to Island Park. Our first stop was at the Rexburg Cemetery to see great-great grandpa and grandma McMillan, baby Uncle William Machen, and great-great grandpa and grandma Davis.

William died as a two year old from what was called the summer complaint.
I haven't been able to figure out a possible illness for it yet.
Some of the cutest Davis descendants!

Our next stop was Big Judd's. They serve a massive one pound burger. One of our family members completed the challenge of eating it by themselves when they were in college. (They are now rather embarrassed that they ever did such a thing.) No one did the challenge. Instead we cut up three of the one pound burgers to share.

During this trip, I was so surprised by how quickly Charlotte warmed up to me. In the past, it's taken nearly an entire week for her to be okay with me. She gave me a hug as soon as she saw me this time.

After lunch, we stopped by Mesa Falls and we enjoyed the views. There were large natural pillars next to the water falls and back in the day, my grandpa Machen and his crazy brothers would run and land on them. We were boring and just enjoyed the view.

The rest of the day was filled with relaxing at the cabin. In one of the bedrooms there was a small loft and of course the joke was I get to sleep there. We've used a friend's cabin in Soda Springs many times and I slept in the tiny loft because there aren't enough bedrooms there. Since getting married we haven't all stayed there, but it still joked about that Jonathan and I will sleep up there.

And that was day five.

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