Friday, February 3, 2017

I Just Know

This last Sunday Jonathan and I gave talks in church. Our topic was "How I know Jesus Christ loves me?" At first, I was concerned about it because during the previous week the speakers had the same topic. I wasn't sure that there was anything more I could share that would be meaningful. As I thought more about the topic, I remembered a funny story about my nephew Garrett.

On a math worksheet, Garrett was asked to write down what strategy he used and why it was right. Garrett simply wrote "I just know." I felt like that perfectly applied to my feelings about the topic I was given. I just know.

Instead of being satisfied with that as an answer, I though about why I know He loves me. It comes down to the fact that I have gone through and continue to go through difficult trials that were made more difficult as I tried to get through them on my own. It wasn't until I trusted Jesus Christ and the power of His atonement that I was able to make real progress. It isn't something that comes naturally for me, but He lightens my load whenever I do. He doesn't take away the trial because that would prevent me from growing. He is right along side me.

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