Friday, December 16, 2016

Jonathan's Birthday Month

 October was wonderful because I was able to celebrate Jonathan's birthday throughout the month! Though I didn't take too many pictures, I want to write down what we did so we can remember.

We started out strong with a trip to Rockwell Ice Cream on the first so Jonathan could have some "A-NieNie-s" black licorice flavored ice cream. He loved it!

A few weeks later, I took him to get some fresh pressed apple juice at Rowley's Red Barn. It's one of his favorite treats and reminds him of his mission in Washington state. We went after dinner, so it was already dark and that's why I didn't take any pictures. While we were looking at all the wonderful things they sale, we saw the "Jonathan" apple variety. Of course Jonathan needed to try it, so we each got an apple, a gallon of apple juice, and some ice cream. All were delicious!

After we took the picture for Lyla's Cinderella birthday post, we took a few family pictures. Even though this one is blurry, I love it.

The night before his birthday, I had him open his presents. I knew that Saturday would be a busy day starting with our shift at the temple and then going out to dinner in Sandy. For one of his presents, I framed one of our favorite quotes that I wrote.

On Jonathan's actual birthday, we went out to dinner at Joe's Crab Shack. I love the crab and he loves their key lime pie for dessert. It was perfect! Afterward we did some window shopping at Crate and Barrel, one of our favorite stores. We've started planning out what we want to buy there after Jonathan starts his career next year.

On our way back home, there were fireworks celebrating his birthday!
Birthday month was a success!

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