Tuesday, July 7, 2015

A Special Witness

On the same day we went to the Masonic Temple, Jonathan and I went to the Salt Lake Temple. We were able to squeeze in and do a few sealings for my family members. It was a very busy day with 36 couples being sealed, so we weren't able to do all of the family names I brought. I was still very happy that we were able to get any done. Afterward, Jonathan and I spent a few hours talking about some of our challenges in the Celestial room.

Before we could leave, we needed to stop by the sealer's office to get my family's ordinances recorded. When we entered the office there were two men at the far end of the table and a sister sitting close by the door. One of the men was sitting down at the table and I thought he kind of looked like President Hinkley. When you live in Utah there are a lot of people that are related to General Authorities and so they look similar. The other man was leaning over the table and his voice sounded a little familiar. He was excited because he had just done some sealings for his family. We asked the sister if we could get our names recorded and she said she would in just a moment. She then walked over to the two men and the man leaning over the table stood up straight and I quickly recognized him. It was Elder Dallin H. Oaks, one of the men I just sustained the month before as a prophet, seer, and revelator for our church. I couldn't believe it! Jonathan and I went to see him speak last year at a symposium, but I never expected to just bump into him in my everyday life. As soon as I recognized him, the spirit in the room changed.

This is how we normally see him.
Jonathan thought it was him, but when the sister walked past us to get to the computer he asked her if it really was Elder Oaks. She told us it was him. The man with Elder Oaks led him to the computer and the sister scanned in his family cards that he just did the sealings for. He was so excited just like I am each time I take my family to the temple. After his family was recorded, he went back to the far end of the table and thanked the man who helped get his family recorded. Elder Oaks then looked at us and asked if he could "shake this young couples' hands?" We were already planning on not letting him out of the room until he shook our hands, so it was nice that he noticed us or it could have gotten awkward.

As he shook our hands and patted our backs, he asked if we were getting married and I told him that we already were and that we were doing sealings for our family. He was excited and said that he had just done the sealings for some of his family. After Elder Oaks left, the man he was talking to came over and told us that he is in the same ward as Elder Oaks. Oh, life in Salt Lake!

I know without a doubt that this man is truly an Apostle of Jesus Christ. I have seen him interacting with others and his excitement from participating in the ordinances of the temple for his family. From our little interaction, I feel like I am old friends with him and I will treasure this memory.

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