Saturday, June 14, 2014

My Birthday

This was my first birthday without my family and it was kind of weird. I still remember how adorable Garrett and Kyle were singing/yelling happy birthday to me last year. It was a wonderful day thanks to Jonathan though. He was able to get ahead on his homework so we could spend the entire day together in northern Utah. It was really nice, on the drive my mom called and since the family was all together I got to talk to my funny nephews for a little bit.

Here's a couple of instagram posts from my family.

One of my favorite gifts!

Here's Hannah's caption:
Back before even this ancient photo (the YSA conference where my brother first asked for her number....), BJ and I met as 12 year olds at Treasure Mountain girls' camp! Didn't know then that I was meeting my sister, but I am grateful the addition of this crafty, smart, cute lady to our family and for her birth 24 years ago today! Happy Birthday BJ!

The first order of business for me was to have some authentic Mexican food. Since moving to Utah, I haven't had any and I was dying for it! So we stopped of at a place just south of Ogden. It was heavenly! Then we went to Hill AFB to check out the planes they have as part of their museum. Even though it was my birthday, I wanted to do something that I knew Jonathan would enjoy. Jonathan was so excited, it was like he was a little boy all over again.

After checking out the planes we headed up to Logan to see the temple. It's the fifth one we've been inside of and the ninth one we've taken pictures of. (There's a lot of temples in Utah!) This temple is so beautiful! It seriously looks like a castle.

My favorite tree was in bloom!

Love this man!

Jonathan did a wonderful job of making my birthday a special day.

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