Monday, January 6, 2014

Almost Home

This past weekend, we moved to Utah. The drive, though long was smooth. The only rough weather we had was fog just before we made it out of the salt flats. When I saw that, I thought I'm from California, fog is easy to deal with.

We went straight to the hospital to visit Jonathan's brother who had surgery just the day before. He was in pain, but he wasn't sick! Then we went to my cousin's to get the key to our apartment and it was after 11 before we made it back to our apartment. We decided to just take up our mattress and not worry about anything else. After carrying it up 2 flights of stairs, with some help from a neighbor too, we opened the door and the apartment was far from ready for us. 

That's our mattress sitting outside until the apartment is clean.

I'll share more of the details later, but I felt like this is a good start. In the next few hours, the cleaning crew should get here and then we will have a home. 

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