Thursday, February 20, 2014

Utah Living

It's hard to believe that we've already been here for almost 2 months. The first few weeks I was having very vivid dreams about California and so I would wake up and be all sorts of confused. Anyways, we've both gotten pretty used to being here.

I think one of the weirdest things to get used to is having only 1 niece that lives close to us. Though, we'll be planning more visits to Idaho to see Seth and Clara as spring gets closer. Mercedes has grown up so much since they moved to Utah last May. She is still a little apprehensive around Jonathan, but it goes away as soon as he starts to play with her.

Last month we went sledding in the backyard with her.
We snuck down to her room while everyone else was watching the end of the Super Bowl.
We've been having a lot of fun taking pictures of the temples in the area. So far we've only made it to Salt Lake, Provo, and Provo City Center. We still have 4 more to visit.

We took this picture from the Church Office building.

Right before we left, a group of missionaries gathered together in front of the temple and sang Church Hymns in a Slovak sounding language.

It is so exciting to see all of the work that is being done to preserve the facade of the old tabernacle.
I'm still getting used to calling Utah home, but it is definitely growing on me.

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