Thursday, February 7, 2013

The End of an Era

We have officially moved out of our first apartment. It's exciting to start a new chapter in our lives, but it is still hard to be moving on from where we started our life together.

Our crazy packing mess.
We had so many good times there and lots of normal life times there too. I can't say that I am not grateful for this opportunity my parents are giving us. It is going to be so helpful as we continue on our journey together. My parents did the same thing that we are doing early on in their marriage and I am so grateful that they are willing to do the same for us.

I miss the amazing sunsets we could see from our window and staircase.
I will share some of the crazy stories about where we lived and will soon share pictures of our rooms as soon as we're settled in. (School and work have been keeping us a little too busy to finish getting settled.)

One of our first gifts for our apartment was
my flower doormat.

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