Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tintic, Utah

Back in May, my parents came out for a visit. We went to Tintic (now Eureka) to visit where my mom's great-grandparents lived for two years. The town is partially abandoned because the local mines were shut down. 

We went through the Tintic Mining Museum and learned about the history of the town. My great-great grandpa McMillan learned about the mines here when he was working on the transcontinental railroad. Grandpa worked in the mine while Grandma ran a General Store.

They kept chickens, which was a valuable commodity to have in Utah at that time, and a bobcat started preying on them. Grandma decided to take action even though she was scared of the bobcat.

She killed the bobcat the next time it came into her yard. Some local Native Americans heard about it and had a powwow for Grandma.

One of the souvenirs I got was an old crucible like the ones in the picture above. There's still some metal residue on it.

The highlight of the trip for my dad was seeing an old house that was found on property that was owned by Porter Rockwell. No one's sure if Porter actually lived in the house, but it wouldn't be surprising if he did.

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