Tuesday, June 28, 2016

One Last Time

Back in April, I found out that my high school band director was being forced out of his position. He wasn't fired, but he wasn't going to be working at Roseville High School anymore. It came as a shock to everyone. Toff invited alumni to come and play one last time for graduation. I knew that if I didn't go that I would regret it for a very long time. Jonathan supported my decision to go and made sure that I would have everything I need since he couldn't come with me. This was my first big trip on my own and it was great! Thanks to all of the May rain, Nevada was still green.

Zooming past the Salt Flats covered with water.
The following night was graduation. It was a surreal experience going back. I parked in my usual spot across the street from campus. (I only used the student parking lot after school during track session.) Then I grabbed my trombone and headed to the band room. I can't really find the words to describe what it was like being there again. It was my everyday life for four years and be there again felt like I was walking back into that time of my life.

I haven't seen most of my band friends since a year or two after we graduated. It was great being together again. We were able to pick up where we left off all those years ago.

Toff finally got a whiteboard!

I am so grateful that I could be there for Toff.

One tradition is for the seniors to write on the walls of the music library.  I think I wrote the I <3 you Toff, but I'm not certain. I spent a lot of time in there trying to organize the music towards the end of my senior year. I don't think I even made a dent in the chaos.

Toff tries to deny the impact he had on me, but even my parents freely acknowledge that he helped me grow into who I am today. Toff's classes weren't just about music. Obviously, most of it was, but he was trying to get us to look outside of our cell phones to see the world. He tried to get us to think for ourselves and not be afraid to go against the norm. Toff pushed us and helped us see that we could do hard things. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to be one of Toff's students. Good luck at Woodcreek!

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