Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Independence Day

It has become our tradition to spend our Independence Day up in Idaho with my brother's family. This year, my parents and Garrett started their trip in Orem with us. Then we made the drive up to Idaho Falls a few days before the best holiday of the year!

Ruby enjoyed her time in the pool with the big kids, until they started splashing too much.

The morning of the fourth, we headed up to the farm to play and shoot some guns. It was so cute watching the kids drive around. Clara enjoyed being driven around by the boys.

Then the guns came out.

I was very happy that I was able to hit one, especially since I wasn't wearing my glasses! Jonathan fell in love with the 

The kids had to do some more swimming, but this time they could slide into the pool.

We got to our spot to watch the fireworks a bit early, so the kids pretended they were Jedis with glow stick light sabers.

We had great seats for the show, as usual!

I am so grateful for this country and all the wonderful freedoms that so many have sacrificed their lives for.

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