Friday, August 28, 2015


148 is a pretty big number. Sure there are a lot of bigger numbers, but I would say it is still large. Currently there are 148 temples throughout the entire world. For an added perspective, when my parents were growing up there were 13 temples and only 4 of them were outside of the United States. Now about half of the temples are outside of the United States. The latest one is the Indianapolis, Indiana.

Each temple is truly a House of God. I feel so blessed that I have always lived within a reasonable distance of a temple and now I am spoiled by living around so many. Honestly though, it doesn't matter how near or far a temple is to you. It matters if you take the time to go there. Even if you just spend time on the grounds of the temple, you will feel the spirit there. In the coming months and years there will be hundreds of temples throughout the world, so long as we go to the ones we currently have.

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