Friday, February 20, 2015

Our Mini Valentines

This winter has been so mild that we decided to head up to Idaho for the weekend.

Ruby has grown up so much in the past three months. She is such a sweet and happy baby.

We gave Clara her late birthday present. Since it was Elsa's crown, she needed to put on her dress.

Idaho has seriously beautiful sunsets!

After the big kids went to bed, Annie and Chris ran some errands while we cuddled with sleepy Ruby.

Before Church, the boys did some important reading about Lego Star Wars.

After Church, Clara needed to put on another princess dress to twirl around.

Ruby loves playing with Uncle Jonathan.

Seth thought it would be a good idea to climb on us when we were relaxing on the couch. He just ended up getting squished.

After we got home from Idaho, we hung up all the Valentines we brought home and even got more from California.

It was so nice having so many Valentines this year!


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