Saturday, November 29, 2014

Surprise Weekend

The weekend before Thanksgiving, Jonathan and I surprised my parent's by showing up at my brother's house. They were in town for Thanksgiving and baby Ruby's blessing and were not expecting us at all!

The roads were only slippery in a couple of places which I was very grateful for!
The real highlight of the trip was meeting sweet baby Ruby! She is such a mellow and calm baby. We were able to take a couple of naps together.

Clara took a break from playing to snuggle with Grandpa.

Though to be honest, Clara's favorite part of the weekend was opening up their Christmas present from Aunt Amy and Uncle Andy. It's a cross between a waffle and a cookie maker. As you can tell by Clara's sweet face, they are delicious with a little Nutella!

On Sunday, sweet baby Ruby was blessed. This little girl is named after 2 of her great-grandmas.

Before we left, Chris had Jonathan and I try on a couple of his Giants baseball caps that don't fit him. The one that was just a little too small for him was too big for me. The one that was too big for him was given to him by our Uncle Jerry. Every time Uncle Jerry sees Chris, he gives him his Giants baseball cap. Even now that Chris is an adult, they are still too big for him. We figured that it should definitely fit Jonathan because he has a very large head. It didn't fit. Jonathan needs a BIGGER hat! Seriously, though. Jonathan's head looks normal, but in reality it is huge!

My dad had a bunch of mission buddies that were getting together in Utah, so my parents came back down to Utah with us. We stopped off in Salt Lake and found where my great-great-great grandpa James Davis was buried. It took awhile, but we were able to find him! He served in the Mormon Battalion after his father died in Winter Quarters. 

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