Friday, April 11, 2014

Welcome Home

I haven't been feeling good for the past few days and I just had to get out of the apartment today. I went for a drive wandering the streets of Orem and Provo. As I came up on Provo there was a sign "Provo: Welcome Home". A wave of homesickness came over me. Utah is certainly nice but it's not Roseville. I thought about all of my nieces and nephews there and what they would tell me about. 

Ryan would tell me about how Minecraft works (again).

Tyler would teach me some big words that he knows like stupendous and precipitation.

Kyle would tell me he's not Kyle but one of the Avengers.

Lyla and I would have chips and other snacky foods instead of whatever we were having for dinner. 

Garrett would tell me how doctors are terrible people that give you shots.

Charlotte would show me how she can walk everywhere and now get into cupboards.

I'm so excited that Easter is coming soon. We're planning on spending it in Idaho with Chris's family. It won't be the madness that I miss, but it will be a little bit more like home.

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